State awards over half million for energy upgrades


The Grand Coulee Dam School District has received an energy grant from the state of $580,268, district officials said Monday.

Coupled with energy incentives in the amount of $174,243, and net costs to the school district of $406,025, the energy saving upgrade is $1.16 million venture.

Superintendent Dennis Carlson said Monday that the district learned of the grant being awarded late last week. The grant was submitted only a few days before.

The monies will enable the district to replace outdated and obsolete lighting, and pay for modernized controls in the three schools.

Carlson said emphasis will be placed on doing work in buildings that will be retained when the district does its facility project. Buildings such as the shop buildings and gym at the high school are to be retained as part of the overall facility plan.

The district some time ago was advised that the current fixtures and bulbs now being used will cease to be manufactured and so replacement parts and bulbs will not be available.

The energy incentive package of $174,243, is made up of $30,000 from the town of Coulee Dam and the balance from Grant County PUD.

The district has been working with officials from McKinstry, an energy firm, in putting together the study, grant request and ultimately the replacement project. Work will likely be done while school is out this summer.

Part of the cost of the project will come back to the district in energy savings, McKinstry told school board members during a recent presentation.

The district funds being used will come from non-voter funds approved by the school board.

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