Baseball fund raiser tonight

Raider baseball and softball will hold a joint fund raiser tonight from 6 to 8 p.m.

The “Hit-A-Thon” will take pledges based on longest hits, introduce a “Fungoman Challenge” and let community members step up to batting practice. “We’ll have the music going, concessions, radar guns, batting cages, etc.,” said baseball coach Brandon Byers.

All ages are invited.

Empowering the mayor

The Electric City Council voted to allow Mayor Jerry Sands to OK change orders on the new arsenic treatment plant for up to $10,000. Sands told the counc≠≠≠il that this will enable contractors to move forward on the job without waiting for two weeks for the council to meet. Sands said that he would bring any change orders that he OK’d to the council for review at the next appropriate meeting.

About two pounds a foot

This falls under something you always wanted to know. Wilson Construction, the firm that has the powerline project in Coulee Dam, stated that there are 71,900 feet of electrical cable being removed and that it weighs a total of about 150,000 pounds. The cable will be recycled.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Plant construction to start

Clearwater Construction will begin building Electric City’s arsenic treatment plant April 9, city officials said this week. The firm has 120 days to complete the $1.3 million project. Water users in Electric City currently pay $26 a month for service, with this amount going up $6 a month each July until it tops off at $44 a month.

Scam alert

Sharon Rose said someone claiming to be her oldest grandson called this week, asking for help out of a jam. Seems he’d had just a little too much to drink on a visit to the Dominican Republic and needed money to get out of jail. He didn’t want to worry his parents; that’s why he was calling her.

The caller wasn’t her grandson, of course, and when she told him she didn’t have a credit card he hung up.

“It sounded like he was reading a script,” Rose said.

Name change proposed

The State Committee on Geographic Names is considering changing the name of Soap Lake (the body of water, not the town) to Lake Smokiam. The group will take it up at its semi-annual meeting May 18.

Discover Pass transferability signed into law

A single, state recreation land pass now can be used on either of two motor vehicles, thanks to new legislation signed by Gov. Chris Gregoire Friday.

The change takes effect immediately. Holders of previously issued annual passes may enter a second vehicle license number on their existing pass.

Pass transfer between two vehicles also applies to vehicle access passes (VAPs) issued free with purchases of annual fishing and hunting licenses for access to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) recreation lands and water- access sites.


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