City OK’s agreements


Electric City’s city council approved agreements with three entities last week.

• An agreement with the Grand Coulee Veterinary Clinic details rates for euthanasia and disposal fees for animals brought into the clinic and also for boarding them. Killing animals and disposing of their carcasses will range from $83.50 to $151, based on weight.

The city and clinic also agreed on a $13.50 daily fee to hold animals.

• Electric City will help provide fire protection coverage within Fire District 14 for a fee of $4,000 a year.

• And council reversed an earlier decision and agreed to help fund the Grant County Economic Development Council to the tune of $532.50 for the current calendar year. About three months ago the council denied the EDC’s request for funds.

The council changed its mind after officials from the council put on a program and explained what the council does. Councilmember John Nordine had asked that the agreement be placed on the council’s agenda for review.


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