Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee Police

3/19 - A man reported a suspicious vehicle at Grand Coulee RV Park. When police arrived the vehicle was gone, but found at a nearby apartment. No one was near the vehicle.

- A woman asked police to dispose of her late husband’s prescription drugs. Police took the prescriptions to do away with them.

- A burglary was reported at a house on Miller Street in Electric City but no one was home when the officer went to the house.

- Police responded to a domestic violence call at a house on Electric Boulevard in Electric City. A man and woman had been in a verbal argument. The man requested that the woman be banned from the residence.

3/20 - A man was stopped on Spokane Way for a faulty brake light and was also issued a ticket for having an expired license tab.

- Police took a 16-year-old to Grant County Juvenile facility after detaining him for allegedly choking and injuring his stepmother, breaking furniture and other items, preventing the woman from calling police and having a smoking device. The incident occurred at a house on Cedar Street. The police report stated that the youth threatened to kill the woman.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- Police were called to Spokane Way to look into a report that a very young child was seen wandering around the roadway. The officer found three children, ages 5, 10 and 9, who stated they were home alone. It was found that the father was home in bed. The officer cleared the scene.

- A woman on Roosevelt Drive told officers that when she went outside to start her truck she sensed someone was nearby. She told her partner, who came out and found a man nearby. The man was told to stay away from the residence.

3/21 - A man told police that when he was driving down Noble Road he saw two young children in T-shirts and diapers walking down the road. The police report stated that the mother was coming down the road looking for the pair. Police escorted the group back to their apartment.

3/22 - An Electric City woman told police that she had purchased a new vacuum cleaner and it was too heavy so the company was going to send someone to her home to pick up the cleaner and bring her a new smaller one. She said that a man came and took the heavy new cleaner and left her with a used smaller cleaner. The woman called the vacuum company to complain and was told the man didn’t work for them, and that they had been trying to catch him. The woman said the man left in a small grey car and was headed toward Coulee City.

3/23 - Center Elementary School reported that a 10-year-old student had a list of “friends” and “not friends” in a file folder. Officials at the school stated that the student hadn’t actually made any threats but never the less was expelled.

3/24 - A Seattle driver stopped for speeding and other violations near Pole Park was arrested on multiple warrants. The officer added speeding to the other charges and impounded the vehicle.

- A driver was stopped near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam for having expired tabs on his vehicle. It was discovered that he was driving on a suspended license, didn’t have insurance. His vehicle was towed and the man became a pedestrian.

- A care provider told police that someone was taking the medications of one of her clients. Police asked that she file a report.

- A man waved police down in the Safeway parking lot to report that a neighbor of his let his dog run loose and it urinated on his porch. Police went to the address on Washington Place in Electric City, found the dog, put a rope on it and took it to the front door. The owner said he knew the dog was loose; he was given a ticket. He told the officer that he was going to “put the dog down” as soon as the veterinary clinic opened.

3/25 - Police responded to a call about loud music on Stevens Street in Electric City. The report stated that the loud music was coming from a car in front of the residence. When police confronted the party, he told the officer to get off his property. Finally, the man turned the music down.

Coulee Dam Police

3/20 - Bureau of Reclamation dispatch advised police that a car had trespassed the area near the canal at North Dam Park. Police found the vehicle and the driver said that he was checking the water level for fishing the next day. He was told the area was closed after dark and to not trespass in the future.

- Police were called to assist Tribal Police on a domestic violence call near Elmer City. A woman came to the door with several apparent injuries and pointed to a man asleep on the couch. Both had been drinking. The man was taken to Coulee Medical Center for treatment and the incident was turned over to Tribal police for further investigation.

- Officers assisted Tribal Police in pursuing a driver speeding from 90-95 mph through Elmer City and at high speeds through part of Coulee Dam. The driver ended up on the Elmer City Access Road, and three men fled the vehicle. Tribal police took over the pursuit at that moment.

3/21 - Police saw a black Labrador dog running loose at the corner of River Drive and Roosevelt Way. The dog was caught and the owner asked to come to the scene. The officer reminded the owner that he previously had been cited for letting his dog run loose, and warned him to keep the dog tied up.

3/22 - Police were called to a house on Tulip Street. Since it was “trust” property Tribal Police were alerted. A person in the house advised that there was an open basement window and officers found footprints in the snow leading to a youth under a nearby tree. The youth was taken by Tribal Police.

3/23 - Police investigated a two-vehicle accident in front of the Coulee Dam Casino, where a pickup had backed into a car. The driver of the pickup was cited.

3/25 - A student at Lake Roosevelt High School was detained and taken to Okanogan County Juvenile Facility after it was reported that he stated on Facebook that he was going to do in some students at the school.


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