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As we approach what would have been Dad’s 85th birthday, we are reminded what a wonderful sendoff the community gave to our dad, Rod Hartman. The tears still come as we think of the fire trucks, ambulances, police cars sitting patiently by, waiting to escort Dad to his final resting place at Spring Canyon Cemetery. Maybe you were able to attend. Maybe that day you were there in spirit or thought. To all of you who shared with us that day, thank you! What an escort Dad had! Thank you for honoring him in such an amazing manner; not just on the day of his service, but for the respect and caring shown to him for the 71 years he lived in the Grand Coulee Dam area. We know that dad was humbled and proud to have the community he loved so much send him on his way.

Maybe our dad was your bus driver, or your first employer, or you were the kid that had your birthday party at the theatre watching a weekend matinee! Maybe he was involved with you receiving a scholarship through Rotary. Or maybe he was an EMT on an ambulance run when you were hurt or ill. Many were blessed by his kindness. Many admired his business sense and toughness. We are grateful every day we had the opportunity to see what a kind, special man he was.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

We are so grateful for the support shown to us in so many ways. Thank you to all the people and organizations that showered us with affection. This note is for everyone who helped us along our journey. The Coulee Dam Community Church has always been a Hartman love; your help, caring thoughts, cards and phone calls, the service and luncheon after were wonderful! A big thanks to all who were involved in putting that together!

An extra special thank you to Pastors Kevin and Bob Jackson for the nice services. Thanks to Diane Babler who did a wonderful job as organist, with her ability to incorporate the awesome chimes into the service. Many of you may not know that those chimes were given to the Coulee Dam Church by the Hartman family in memory of Dad’s two brothers.

A special thanks to Roger, Gwen and Scott at The Star for going that extra mile to help gather information for the obituary and services, as well as writing an article and holding up deadline for us! The military rites were very moving and appreciated, thank you. John Francis provided beautiful flowers, thank you. To all the coulee crew who opened their homes to us and graciously provided us with food and a place to stay, there will never be the right words to thank you all for your kindness. A special thanks to James and his wife at Strate Funeral Home for their guidance.

We do know how blessed we were to have Dad with us for nearly 85 Years. We had the adventure with him in recent years of getting to know and honor the caring, sweet nature of the man on the inside. We were able to view for ourselves the true meaning of unconditional love.

As the lights were flashing and cars respectfully pulled aside for our procession to Spring Canyon, we know Dad was smiling down on us all. Thank you from us, and from Dad.

Thank you to all the people that were touched by his life and his passing.

May God bless you all!

Cory Smith, Cecilia Gentry, Claudia Bjorklund,

Cindie Smetana

And of course

Mom, L. Anne Hartman

Married 63 years


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