Crime watch idea raised


Two Electric City council members concerned about the amount of criminal activity are interested in developing a “neighborhood watch.”

Lonna Bussert and Birdie Hensley discussed their interest at last Tuesday’s council meeting, and have asked for the topic to be on the council agenda again in two weeks. The council next meets March 27.

The two would pattern the “neighborhood watch” after one they learned about in Sultan.

Hensley said that she wanted a full discussion when all members of the council are present. Two members were absent last Tuesday.

Sultan officials told the pair that they started their program with a town meeting and then organized from there,

There has been a rash of criminal activity in the Electric City area the past few months.

At one meeting a month, an officer attends the council meeting and gives the city a verbal report of activity in the city and a copy of the actual police reports.

Sultan officials stated that after their program was established, it cut down on criminal activity in their city.

They said that those participating in the “neighborhood watch” in Sultan had some degree of instruction, both from 911 officials and police.

Hensley said they would like to follow that procedure, and invite Grand Coulee to participate since the Grand Coulee Police Department covers both cities.

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Reader Comments

jeff writes:

I think a crime watch is a good idea and would step up to volunteer. I read a previous article by Chuck Allen (the publisher of the quincy valley post register). He mentioned increasing the police force and funding etc. I think open discussion on the subject is great. I think it's important to also look at the source along with the symptoms. My question is why are people choosing to steal. Are they just bad people, are they on drugs(ie tweekers etc), are they so desperate for money they have to steal to pawn items for food or are they juvinile delinquents doing it for fun. Maybe the problem is more complex and has multiple causes. I have no intention of coddling criminals but maybe some new programs along with better advertising of old ones may help. Some ideas might include a central job office, drug treatment outreach, rental assistance along with crime watch etc. Some criminals need to be caught in order to turn them around. I can bet there are citizens in our community that have some good ideas. Hopefully we can find those good ideas and implement them.

CPT writes:

Great idea!