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Grand Coulee Police

3/2 - Several items being reported stolen from an Electric City residence, which subsequently turned up at a residence close by, was all a mistake, the man told police. The complainant said he had loaned the other man the items and forgot about it.

3/5 - A driver who ran a stop sign ended up getting charged with failing to stop, violation of his instruction permit, failing to carry his registration and having no insurance. His passenger was arrested on a warrant and is also going to be charged with possession of a legend drug and failing to carry a controlled substance in its regular container.

- Police were asked by Child Protective Services to check on a child on Coulee Boulevard, but no one was home. CPS was to follow up.

3/6 - A Seattle woman was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail when she refused to leave the premises of a local motel. While attempting to arrest the woman she allegedly resisted and bent one of the officer’s thumbs back. When told that she would be arrested for trespass if she didn’t leave, she replied “go ahead.”

- A driver was stopped near North Dam Park for straying over the fog line. When asked why he did so he replied that he always traveled over the fog line when he was making a turn. He was warned on that infraction but cited for not having insurance.

3/7 - Residents on Roosevelt Drive were victims of someone with a spray can who painted graffiti on cars and buildings. Fourteen incidents of the graffiti were reported to police.

- The Department of Transportation arrived near the turnoff for Crescent Bay to recover a deer hit by a vehicle. Officers found the deer but the vehicle had left the scene.

3/8 - Middle school officials told police that a metal smoking device was found in a student’s possession. He was suspended.

- A man told police that he had been bitten by a dog as he walked down Third Street in Electric City. He said a white and tan dog nipped at his pants and then bit him on the right calf area, breaking the skin. The owner of the dog told police that he thinks that neighbor kids keep unhooking the dog’s chain. Police told the man that the dog needed to be quarantined, then issued him a citation for allowing his dog to run loose.

3/10 - A Keller driver stopped because a brake light was out ended up getting a ticket because she didn’t have insurance on her vehicle.

- A woman seen walking near North Dam Park was arrested on warrants and taken to Grant County Jail.

3/11 - A man seen on a security camera walking above the canal was confronted by police. He told the two officers that he was hiking to get in shape and also looking for aluminum cans.

- A woman was stopped because her license plate light was out. While the officer was near her window she took a puff off of her cigarette and then threw it out the window. The woman didn’t have insurance on the car and was cited and then told about the cigarette incident and advised not to throw a lighted object out of the car.

- A woman in a store advised dispatch that a man who was asked to leave refused to do so. Later she called again and said he was back. Police located the man walking near the store and gave him a trespass citation. He became belligerent and was advised to leave the area before he got into more trouble. The man, who was intoxicated, wandered off.

Coulee Dam Police

3/6 - A man who lives on Tilmus Street was given a written warning on a “dangerous and potentially dangerous” dog incident. The man said the dog was a show dog and harmless.

3/9 - Police received a complaint from a father who said he had a court visitation order to pick up his children for the weekend but that the two children were not at the location they were supposed to be. The matter was referred to Tribal Police and it was determined that it wasn’t his weekend.

3/10 - A clerk at a local motel told officers that a maid had found a smoking pipe in one of the rooms she was cleaning. The clerk put on rubber gloves, took the pipe and put it in a plastic bag for the police.

- A local resident called police to report that he had found a red mountain bike near Riley’s Point.

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