School help winding through Congress

Language encouraged by 4th Dist. Congressman Doc Hastings is included in two bills that passed out of committee Tuesday and could help local schools.

HR 3990 would support the inclusion of Grand Coulee Dam School District in methods that currently exist for the federal government to help local schools on which it has substantial impact.

The language extends eligibility for emergency and modernization construction grants to school districts where at least 10 percent of property is non-taxable because of federal land ownership. Only about one percent of Grand Coulee Dam School District’s land is fully taxable, mostly because of federal ownership.

Another clause adds language from a bill Hastings co-sponsored last June to address Impact Aid payments that the government regularly delays for five or six years.

Hastings said 11 school systems in his Central Washington district suffer because of it.

Hitting the roof

Coulee Dam’s council OK’d re-roofing city hall, at a cost of maybe $75,000, according to a report by public works director Barry Peacock.

The current roof leaks in the police department and has for some time, Peacock stated.

The city hall has its original shake roof, which has lasted about 70 years, Councilmember Bob Poch stated.

Peacock recommended going to a composition roof. He told the council that the town had about $140,000 in its capital fund, which would be used to pay for the work.

BPA may bend for Buddy

If you walk your dog behind city hall, this should be good news for you. A BPA official told the town council last Wednesday night that the agency was looking for ways that residents could still do this, even if it is a current work site. The BPA’s current power line project requires that certain restrictions will have to apply, particularly when heavy equipment and loads are moving through the area.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

New cinema

lease approved

The Coulee Dam Town Council approved a two-year lease with Carole Fisher for the Village Cinema. The council terminated the existing lease with the former owner, Lorene Crabtree, and OK’d a new lease extending to Dec. 31, 2013. The lease calls for $500 a month rent and 10 percent of gross revenue per quarter over $15,000.

Joining the FD

The Coulee Dam Council approved Deborah Jimenez for membership in the town’s volunteer fire department last Wednesday night.

Shifting out of first

Grant County Port District 7 commissioners agreed Thursday to seek a new truck equipped with snow removal equipment. The current truck is old and sticks in first gear, and has been slated for replacement. The commissioners had a choice between a used or new truck and chose the latter.

photos of Grand Coulee Dam Area people and places

Flu breaks out

Grant County Health District reported a flu-like outbreak at the Moses Lake Hearthstone assisted care/retirement facility.

Dr. Alexander Brzezny said nearly 25 percent of the residents of the facility are showing some signs of flu, and he asked that people stay away from the care center if possible.

Brzezny said at least two of the residents have been hospitalized and have tested positive for the influenza A virus.

Over the past few weeks cases of flu-like illnesses have been seen a local clinics and hospitals in Washintgon.


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