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Nespelem 2012 All- Indian Basketball Tournament results


The Nespelem All Indian Basketball Tournament was held January 14-15, 2012. This year we had over 30 teams competing in (4) separate tournaments: Young Men, Women, 35 and over, and 50 and over bracket. This year was the largest All Indian Basketball Tournament in the Nespelem and Grand Coulee Dam area.

The following represents how the teams placed, the tournament all stars, MVP’s, Mr. Hustle’s, Most Points in (1) game, Most (3) in one game, and tournament sponsors, and recognition of assistance.

Team Places:

35 and Over 50 and Over

1st Place Desert Horse 1st Place Coulee Dam

2nd Place Sweetwater Soldiers 2nd Place Spirit Lake

3rd Place Eagle Strikes 3rd Place Yakama

4th Place Suquamish 4th Place Omak

All Stars 35 and Over All Stars 50 and Over

1. Tim Freeburg-Snoqualmie 1. Bob Lafontaine-Tacoma

2. Zane W.-Yakama 2. Marion Ives-Nespelem Legends

3. Riel Padron-Suquamish 3. Leonard Forsman-Suquamish

4. Calvin-Weekend Warriors 4. Willie Womer- Womer & Assoc

5. Ed Wolfe-Eagle Strikes 5. Gary Pierce-Yakama

6. Brian Condon-Eagle Strikes 6. Ed Marchand-Omak

7. Les Fisher-Desert Horse 7. Tex Hall-Spirit Lake

8. Jonathan TakesEnemy- 8. Dion Smith-Coulee Dam

Sweetwater Soldiers

(MVP) JR Camel-Desert Horse (MVP) Alonzo Bringsyellow-

Coulee Dam

(Mr. Hustle) Emmett Taylor (Mr. Hustle) Mike Tulee-Coulee Dam

(Most Points) Dave Smith (Most Points) Dan Prue-Spirit Lake

(Most 3’s) Dave Smith (Most 3’s) Alonzo Bringsyellow- Coulee Dam

Young Men Women’s:

1st Place: NW Warriors 1st Place: Coastal Natives

2nd Place: Descendents 2nd Place: ELE

3rd Place: Swan Town 3rd Place: Warm Springs

4th Place: Colville 4th Place: Notorious

All Stars: All Stars:

1. Kyle Stensgar-BC 1. Debra Hill-Suquamish

2. Nicholas Peters-Yakama Savages 2. Myrna Cloud-Notorious

3. Lester Priest-2N Out 3. Marsha Pakootas-Kick Rocks

4. Ambrose Bessette- 4. Lucy Suppah-Warm Springs

Sweaty Moccasins

5. Ed Wolfe- Descendents 5. Chelsea Pakootas-ELE

6. Kyle Jim-Colville Regulators 6. Lailani Finau-Coastal


7. Albert Adams-Nations

8. Jacolby Simpson-Colville

9. Joel YellowOwl-Swan Town

10. Curt Shoop-NW Warriors

MVP: JR Camel-NW Warriors MVP: Lisa Koop-Coastal Natives

Mr. Hustle: Kotee Reuben- Ms. Hustle: Crystal Pakootas-

NW Warriors ELE

Most Points: Coby Dick-Descendents Most Points: Lisa Koop-

Coastal Natives

Most 3’s: Zack Aguilar-Swan Town Most 3’s: Lucy Suppah-Warm Springs

Tournament Sponsors:

Womer & Associates Coulee Dam Casino

Bird’s Auto Body Coulee House Glo Simpson Grand Coulee Center Lodge

Soy/Sharon Redthunder Francis Nason Bunky/Dory Val Palmer Andy Joseph Jr. John Smith/Enid Wippel

Ora Christman Joe


Joan Wak Wak FarmersInc. Gordon Myrick Sandra and Rita Jordan

Colville Tribe

Special Thanks to tournament committee for their great help and assistance:

Shelley Davis, Deidre Williams, Bunky Andrews, Shirley Wak Wak, Doris Matt, Janice Matt, FrancisNason, Ken Edmo, Soy Redthunder, Virginia Lezard, Adam Bearcub, Raynee St. Pierre, Larry Jordan, Verna Saulque, Flodell Williams, Wilma Goggles and Laura Myrick

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