Raptor nest removed from tower


What happened to the osprey nest on the tower at the park below the Visitor Center at Grand Coulee Dam?

You may see it again soon, at its new location, atop a pole that will be put in place by Wilson Construction and the Bonneville Power Administration.

The osprey nest was removed last Wednesday from the 160-foot tower by a Wilson Construction lineman who climbed the tower and lowered the 100-pound nest to the ground.

The nest was removed in preparation for the removal of the two powerline towers in the park below the Visitor Center.

“There is no evidence that there were young birds in the nest last year,” said Mark Woll, environmental representative of the Canby, Ore., construction company that has the contract to do the power line project now underway.

Woll said the nest was about 5-6 feet across and made up largely of twigs and branches.

In past seasons people visiting the park have been able to see young birds in the nest.

“We consulted with the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife before removing the nest.” Woll said. “We will put the nest back up on a pole wherever we are instructed to.”

The Wilson Construction crew took pictures of the inside of the nest before removing it to make certain there were no eggs in it.

The nest is being stored temporarily.

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Reader Comments

RobnGlo writes:

There were indeed babies in that nest last year. The previous Commentor was my houseguest and we sat at my kitchen table and watched them with binoculars. I cannot honestly remember if there were any in 2010 but I know for a fact there were babies in 2011, 2009 & 2008. The pole needs to be put back up immediately, NOW, PRONTO, GET IT DONE!

carolbecca writes:

Yes there were babies last summer!!!! I sat in my friend's kitchen when I was visiting Coulee Dam last summer and looked out her window and watched the momma come with a fish, and we watched baby and momma heads bobbing as they did that fish in...it was a once-in-a-lifetime take-your-breath away half hour of awesomeness...the power tower was an eyesore, but I'm really glad they are treating the nest with respect. I hope the momma bird finds it again this coming spring/summer wherever they relocate it.