Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee Police

2/1 - An Elmer City woman alleged that she had been assaulted by a nurse practitioner at Coulee Medical Center when she sought help from pain suffered while having dental work done. She said the hospital staff person grabbed her and pushed her into an examination room. A nurse working in the emergency room told police she saw no contact between the two parties and that the patient was yelling foul language and disturbing other patients. She said she was afraid that the patient might harm the nurse practitioner.

- A Grand Coulee businessman is being charged with malicious mischief after he destroyed a contribution can that was placed in the Wolf’s Den Bar to assist a person with legal expenses. The police report stated that police will ask that domestic violence be added to the offense since the donation container was placed there by a woman with whom the man formerly had a relationship.

2/6 - A man called police from Union Gap, Wash., to report that someone had damaged his vehicle while it was parked at Coulee Medical Center. He said that his insurance company said he needed to report the damage to police. The report stated that police could not verify the damage if the vehicle was in Union Gap.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- A Grand Coulee woman was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on charges of assault and domestic violence. Police said that a man showed an officer injuries he suffered when the woman allegedly assaulted him. The man had scratches on his neck and arms. The man had been living in the woman’s house for about two months and had had a relationship with the woman’s daughter.

- Police responded to a residence on Federal Avenue after receiving a report of a suicidal person. Police called for an ambulance to take him to Coulee Medical Center and requested a mental health person see the man. Police confiscated three guns from the living quarters and took them for safe-keeping.

2/7 - Tribal Police asked assistance while taking a woman and her daughter to Coulee Medical Center. The tribal officer said that the woman was acting like she might be abusive. The Grand Coulee officer arrived at the hospital to provide assistance.

- An 11-year-old youth was suspended for 15 days after school officials said they found marijuana on him.

- Police followed a complaint of an animal attack at Grand and Electric Boulevard. The officer didn’t find a loose dog but was told where the dog’s home was. Police found dogs within a fenced area. The owner of the dogs said when he got home the gate was open. The officer’s report stated that the dogs appeared friendly. The owner was told he needed to get his dogs licensed.

- A woman on Electric Boulevard in Electric City reported loud music in her area. The officer couldn’t find the source of the music.

2/8 - Loud music was reported in the Electric Boulevard area in Electric City for the second straight day. The officer located the house it was coming from and knocked on the door. The music went off but no one would come to the door. The officer’s report was sent to the court for a citation be mailed to the resident.

- Police checked on two children whose mother had dropped them off with a person a full day earlier, but had not returned. The children appeared to be okay.

- A woman living on Lakeview Avenue NE, told police that she had found the door to her vehicle open in the morning, but she remembered closing it the night before. She asked for more patrols around her residence in Electric City.

2/10 - A woman advised police that her son was missing. Police found the boy and returned him to his residence.

2/11 - A National Park Service employee advised police that a person with a suspended license was approaching the city and that he was right behind him. Police stopped the vehicle and wrote the driver a ticket for driving with a suspended license.

- A woman on Weil Place told police that someone had entered her home while she was at the store and took a video game. Entrance was gained through a bedroom window and police could see the imprint of a shoe on the dresser.

2/12 - A woman in the Senior Manor told an officer that someone had taken 75 pills from her prescription and three gold rings. The rings were valued at $200 each.

2/12 - A woman from West Grand Avenue in Electric City told police that an intoxicated man was beating on her door with his fist. The woman went to a friend’s house and was followed there and the woman said the man was causing a disturbance there. The woman told police that the man had knocked the pictures off the wall, grabbed her and hit her with an open hand. The man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail and is being charged with domestic violence in the fourth degree.

Coulee Dam Police

2/6 - A radio dispatch alerted police to a vehicle that almost caused a head-on collision on SR-155, and that the vehicle was headed toward Coulee Dam. The vehicle was stopped on Pine Street and police officers assisted Tribal Police in the incident. The driver was cited for driving under the influence and driving a vehicle with a suspended license. The car was towed.

- A school official advised police that a student made threats against a substitute teacher. When the teacher read what the assignment was for the day he said, “I’m not going to do that.” When the teacher tried to phone the office, the rowdy student disconnected the phone. The teacher said she felt threatened, and that in 40 years of teaching she had never encountered anything like it. She said she would not teach anymore.

2/10 - Police responded to Holly Street to a reported a burglary in progress. A tribal officer was on the scene and found an intoxicated minor male in the residence office. He was apprehended and said he thought he was home in Elmer City. The homeowner, who called 911, said she had been in bed and heard someone trying to get into a window. The suspect was taken to jail and will be charged with trespass and being a minor in possession of alcohol.

- Police went to Elmer City on a report that a driver was yelling at a house. They found the woman at an ATM machine and when asked about her yelling she replied, “That’s old drama.” She later told the officer that she was “a messenger from God.” She had stated that she hadn’t taken “meth” and then lay on the ground and said she was “playing.” As she left the scene, she speeded and spun her tires, and was followed by an officer who stopped her near Riley’s point, where she stated that she had had “smoked three bowls.” The woman was taken to Coulee Medical Center for a blood draw, then put in a holding cell at police headquarters. She complained there was a “green dog” in the cell with her. She was later taken to Grant County Jail.

2/11 - Police went to a house on Douglas Avenue, where a woman was reportedly banging on the door, saying she wanted her children. Police noted that the woman was making jerky motions and seemed impaired in some way. They told her she would have to wait to get her kids until she was in better condition.


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