Coulee Recollections

A look at the past


Ten Years Ago

Construction has begun at Coulee Dam’s Town Hall to convert a room that collected dust for years into the new police department offices.

Three federal agencies in the Grand Coulee Dam area and Nespelem have had to retrogress their operating methods after a federal judge closed the Department of Interior’s Internet access. U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth hired a hacker to find out how secure Bureau of Indian Affairs files were. The online BIA records are the subject of a law- suit brought by tribes charging the agency with negligence in keeping track of funds owed them for grazing, mining and other uses of their land.

A new program has greatly changed the way Lake Roosevelt High School students attend school on Fridays. In the program, a teacher will target students who need a little help in subjects and go one-on-one with them.

Twenty Years Ago

Officials predict that 1992 will be a stabilizing year for Coulee Community Hospital, despite its loss of over $233,000 last year. Their reason for optimism is the trend toward black ink and increased hospital usage, a challenge the hospital’s entire staff has met.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

A group discussing increased cooperation between four local towns Saturday listed six items that need further study, the top being consolidation.

After 31 years of work with the federal government, Cyril Konzal retired this week from the USBR at Grand Coulee Dam.

The Raider basketball team is still at the top of the CTL league with a 10-2 record after defeating Quincy 66-51.

Thirty Years Ago

LeRoy M. Haag and Phil Haegen both received congratulations on their retirement from the USBR. Haag, an electrician, had over 39 years of service and Haegen, an engineer, had 34.

Dr. Dean Patterson has recently opened offices in Coulee Dam. He has been with Indian Health services since 1978.

Winners of the essay contest sponsored by the Friends of the Library included Leanne Lambert, jr. high; Debra Bailey, sixth grade and Josie Kelly, third grade.

Bo Seiler retired from service for the state highway department recently. He had 32 years of service.

Twila Desautel, a fourth grader at Nespelem Elementary, is the local district champion in the hoop shoot contest held in Omak. She won the girls’ 9- and 10- year-old division she will compete in the Kingdome in Seattle during he SuperSonic/Phoenix game. She is the daughter of Junior and Connie Desautel of Nespelem.

In basketball action, the Lady Raiders edged the Quincy Jackrabbits in a 44-38 thriller with Glennis Ware having the high score of 17 points.

The Raider boys were thumped by the Jackrabbits 79-68.

Forty Years Ago

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Holbrock, formerly of Richland, are the new operators of the Melody Cafe and Lounge in the Community Center building in Coulee Dam. Dora Rose, well known Coulee Dam cook, is in charge of the kitchen.

The Nespelem Drum and Feather Club will sponsor a War Dance Saturday, Feb. 10 at the Nespelem Grade School. Featured during the evening will be a Cake Walk.

Virginia Larsson RN is visiting her mother Mary Lou Larsson and her grandparents, the J.R. Grangers, during the semester break at Chico State College in California.

Fifty Years Ago

Coach Bill Lavigne gave everyone a chance to play here Friday night as the Grand Coulee Tigers swept to a 49-18 victory over the winless Molson. Ron Cook led the scoring with 14.

Carolyn Henke, a sophomore, led the semester honor roll of Grand Coulee High School with a straight A average.

Wesley Stuckey, son of Mrs. Elinor Stuckey of Grand Coulee, left Wednesday for Fort Ord., Calif., for basic training with the Army. He is a 1959 graduate of Grand Coulee High School.

Sixty Years Ago

James O. Tillman, son of Mr. and Mrs. O.J. Tillman of Elmer City was among the new students enrolling in the department of Civil Engineering at Tri-State College, Angola, IND.

The Division Street Fire Ladies will meet at the fire hall Monday.

Listed on the honor roll at CWCE at Ellensburg was Bette Jeanne Short from Grand Coulee.


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