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Grand Coulee Police

1/23 - USBR’s Plant Protection requested that the department’s explosives detection dog search a Canadian truck at the left powerhouse. The dog didn’t detect anything.

1/24 - Coulee Medical Center asked for assistance with an unruly patient. She was disrupting others in the emergency room and was taken to a friend’s house.

- An Electric City resident on Electric Boulevard told police that a child had called 911. The party told an officer that when their back was turned the child reached up on the shelf and dialed the emergency number.

- A 911 call from a home on Park Avenue advised that there was a sick woman there and that an ambulance was needed. When police arrived the woman had gone.

- A barking dog was reported near Palmer Avenue. Police saw a multi-colored dog in pen barking and went to the house. The man there said he was watching the dog for its owner. He was told to keep the dog quiet.

1/25 - A woman involved in a domestic dispute told police she was ordered out of a house on Stevens Street in Electric City and had her possessions but didn’t have any way to get back to Montana where she was from. She was referred to New Hope for help.

- A car blocking Bay Area Drive in Electric City was towed.

- A man on School Avenue in Electric City told police that he wanted his niece out of his house after they argued over a TV remote that had been chewed by a dog.

- A man stopped for speeding on W. Coulee Blvd., in Electric City, was found to have two warrants out for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police responded to report of a fight at the Moose Lodge. The officer found one person with a broken nose and missing tooth. Police had a difficult time getting the man to sit down. The reporting officer found that an argument occurred over a pool game and when one of the parties went outside to smoke, the other followed and they started fighting. The injured man said he wanted to go to a residence in Electric City and the officer drove him there.

1/26 - A man wanted to report a vehicle he sold to another party as stolen. He said the vehicle had not been fully paid for and that the party had sold it to someone else. The officer said if she sold it to someone else, then it couldn’t be stolen. It was explained that it was a civil matter.

1/27 - Police arrested a man on a warrant at Safeway and took him to Grant County Jail.

- A woman told police that she is getting harassing text messages from the father of her child. Police told the woman to keep a log of the messages.

- An Electric City man told police that someone had taken eight sterling silver knives, valued at $1,000 from his house.

- A man and a woman were barred from an Electric City bar after being intoxicated and causing a problem in the business. They had been asked to leave but then returned and reportedly caused problems with customers.

- Officers saw a van that had three dogs in it and advised the owner of the animals that he needed to get them inside so they could have food and water. Upon checking the vehicle later, the officer found the dogs had been removed.

1/28 - A 19-year-old Lincoln County man led police on a chase at speeds up to 100 mph, and finally stopped in the Lakeview Terrace Trailer court. He told the officer that his accelerator had stuck. His breath tests indicated results three time the legal limit for alcohol consumption. He is being charged with eluding a police officer, giving false information to the officer, being a minor driving while intoxicated and as minor in possession of alcohol. The vehicle was towed.

- Officers were called to an Electric City bar after a cement brick had been thrown through a large window. The bartender noted that two people had been banned from the establishment the night before.

1/29 - A man received a citation when officers checked and found he was suspended from driving. The man had parked his van and was walking on Alcan Road when cited.

Coulee Dam


1/23 - A driver was given a warning for not signaling before making a turn.

1/25 - Police checked on a report of a rollover accident just outside the city limits. The officer found a Toyota truck had skidded on ice and then turned over. A motorist nearby took the driver to Coulee Medical Center for a checkup. Police called a tribal officer to take charge of the investigation.

1/26 - Police investigated a fight between two boys at Lake Roosevelt High School. Police seized two cell phones whose owners had captured the fight on their phones. The officer took statements from the pair and passed his report on to the Okanogan County Juvenile prosecutor for possible action.

1/28 - Police noticed a man asleep in a van parked at Pole Park. The officer noticed that the license tabs on the van had expired in December. The driver said he was sleeping because he was too tired to drive. The officer told him of a better place to take a nap.

- A woman on Holly Street thought it unfair for a neighbor to threaten to call police on her dog that was running loose. “People just can’t threaten to call the cops on people, can they?” she asked. She was advised that the incident wouldn’t have happened if she had kept her dog in.

1/29 - Police found two boys who had thrown rocks onto River Drive. The boys picked the rocks up and one boy’s mother was advised of the problem.

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