No leads on missing woman


A missing woman’s mother still hasn’t turned up anything helpful in finding Jamie Marie Breckenridge, 42, who has been unaccounted for since Jan. 8.

Carol Ann Estrada, of Elmer City, said she is working on getting a court order to get her daughter’s personal phone records to access calls made from her cell phone.

“The last phone call she made, that we know about, is a call she placed to a person who was helping her through some personal things,” Estrada stated last week.

The last anyone knew of Breckenridge was on Jan. 8, when she was seen near Four Corners. She had told someone that she was going to Snohomish, where her niece lives.

“She has not appeared at her niece’s house,” Estrada said.

Police are also baffled by the disappearance, now over two weeks ago. Last Tuesday Breckenridge was to have appeared at District Court in Ephrata for sentencing on an assault incident that occurred last August at H&H Grocery in Electric City.

“I know she was worried about that because her court-ordered attorney had stated that he expected her to have to do time on the assault charge,” her mother said.

“A few years ago she took the train to someplace in Idaho, and I’m trying to find out where she went so I can check that out,” Estrada said.

Her mother said that Breckenridge had her mail changed to Snohomish, indicating that that was where she was going.

Estrada said she and the police would like to hear from anyone who knows where her daughter is or has heard from her.

Her niece in Snohomish is trying to get one of the TV stations nearby to do something on her disappearance, and information has been placed on an Internet missing persons list and on Facebook.

“While we didn’t talk every day, I always knew where she was,” Estrada stated. “I know that she talked with her grandmother a few days before she turned up missing, and at that time it was reported that she seemed distraught.”

“The police have followed through on everything I can think of, and they haven’t found out anything about where she is,” Estrada concluded.

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