March against abortion planned

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On Monday, at noon at Omak City Park, Jan. 23 there will be a March for Life in Omak so that we will not forget that it is legal to kill an innocent, helpless baby in a mother’s womb through abortion. Everyone is welcome to join us.

January 22 commemorates the sad, infamous day that the U.S. Supreme Court passed the Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion on demand in the United States of America in 1973.

Common sense tells us that this is wrong. It seems that not much attention is directed at the killing of these babies any longer, it seems to be an acceptable part of society’s norms.

I participated in the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., which took place the day after President Obama was inaugurated. There were 400,000 pro-life marchers, and as usual the media did not hardly even mention this newsworthy event. At the same time that we were marching, the first bill President Obama signed was an executive order removing the ban on taxpayer funding of abortion overseas (the Mexico City Policy).

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I wonder what God thinks when He sees 1.4 million babies a year in the USA alone being killed because of our selfishness. How much longer is He going to put up with us? God is so merciful that even now if we repented He will forgive us.

There is another victim in abortion that suffers immensely in the heart — the mother, especially, and also the father. They know that they have killed their child and have kept it locked inside for up to 50 years while society tries to tell them that everything is OK, but they know it isn’t OK inside. My heart goes out to their silent suffering and I pray that they may know hope and healing is available. No sin is too great for God’s mercy.

Al & Judy Bosco



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