New wrinkles for 2012

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2011 is over, 2012 is falling in step close behind, and I approach the New Year with much trepidation. 

We did well in 2011. Ol’ In-n-Out went out the door just one time too many and was replaced in short order by “Lone Tom,” who realized suddenly he was not what we expected: an inside cat. A few whiffs of fresh air shortly after arrival gave him a new lease on life and he disappeared quicker than you could say, “Sha-Zam.”

A female feline arrived shortly thereafter from Strahl Canyon. If “Four Socks” sticks around, she has a home for life

She has taken over our household and, so far, is an inside cat. She seems to have commandeered all the furniture In-n-Out accumulated during the last 13 years. “Ol Tom” appears now and then, wanting to get in, but sorry fellow, you had your chance.

You become used to house pets, no matter what they are. Feline, canine, or...? And the longer you have one, the more attached you become. With four white paws, a white bib, a long black tail covered by a black sheen on the remainder of her epidermis. She rules the inside of our house with an iron paw, because as of this writing, she has never stepped outside.

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 We discovered a new wrinkle in the way of cat toys. Stop me if you have tried this. Take a 2- to 3-inch stub of wooden pencil and use it as a toy. They will pack it around like a Labrador retriever toying with a training dummy. A wooden pencil stub, that’s all it takes. Place it in a large paper shopping bag and leave it on the floor. Now you have entertainment!

We have never received a new pet so close to a major holiday so we held off on decorating the tree until a week before Christmas. The tree went up for about a week before ornaments and lights were added. The cat was inside the tree and climbing within five minutes. Then she backed off and we added cloth decorations. Then lights were attached.

But if she tires of the tree, she has the refuse kicked out by the paper shredder to play with. I would suggest disconnecting it for obvious reasons.


Had a run-in with Costco a week before Christmas. The kids bought Mom and Dad a new state-of-the-art TV set with most of the bells and whistles. It was ordered a week or so before Christmas with all the equipment to be in running order and in place by Christmas Day.

Old Dad has been around a few years and he knows things don’t run smoothly. We made sure the old TV did not disappear from the ranch until the new one was installed. Good move, Dad.

When Costco wasn’t moving as fast as they said they would, we went to phone calls, like to Mr. and Mrs. Costco. We had responses from some of his underlings saying, “Mr. C can’t come to the phone right now, he has been terribly busy” …

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I’m not saying all is improved, but one of his subordinates should be preparing to install a “Blitzen Model 29402” TV in the Airport Addition as we speak. Wish us well!


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