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 By Cheryl Hoffman    Opinion    August 15, 2018 

A community effort

At approximately 8:45 p.m. Saturday night, the Grand Coulee Senior Center received a call from the Department of Natural Resources with a simple but somewhat daunting request: Could we feed the firefighters breakfast and dinner on Sunday? Within the...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    August 15, 2018 

Heroes in our coulee

All of us have stories of this past weekend. I also know that the fire is far from out as I write this, but many of us are taking a breath of not-so-fresh air and relaxing for the first time in days....

 By Fred Obee    Opinion    August 15, 2018 

No excuse for fake news rhetoric

The plight of a grieving orca who continues to carry her dead calf for weeks is reported by the Seattle Times. The Spokane Spokesman-Review lets people know for the first time the Legislature is forming a task force to exempt lawmakers from portions... Full story

 By Andrew Johnson    Opinion    August 15, 2018 

Paper tariff could kill small newspapers

It isn’t that easy to drop everything in the middle of the week and fly to Washington. If you’re a community newspaper publisher, going anywhere in the middle of the week is a challenge. That is when the newspaper has to be edited, wrapped up in...

 By Karen Depew    Opinion    August 8, 2018

Thanks for the levy support

Citizens for Quality Education would like to thank those who voted for the Grand Coulee School District Levy and also say a thank-you to those who put signs up in their yards. Thank you to the businesses that supported the levy and a “shout out...

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion    August 8, 2018

A more perfect union

You know these words, but how often do you stop to think about them? “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general...

 By Bob Valen    Opinion    August 8, 2018

El Niño and the ENSO

In past columns I’ve talked about the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), or as some call it, the Southern Oscillation. Let me briefly review what this thing does. There are two ocean temperature...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    August 8, 2018

Simply the best

At a recent conference in Kennewick, Wash., two local stars from our school district were honored with high awards. I had the honor and privilege of being on hand when these two powerful superstars...

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion    August 8, 2018

An Idaho boy who beat the Yankees

Sometimes sports heroes come from unlikely places. Take the case of Vernon Law, right-handed pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Vernon came from Meridian, Idaho, a few clicks out of Boise, and midway between Boise and Nampa. Law won two games...


On a vote that matters locally

I, along with all voters in the Grand Coulee Dam School District, received my primary election ballot in the mail last week. Since it is a primary election, I was almost overwhelmed by the long list of names of people who are seeking to be selected...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    August 1, 2018


In this day and age, the word “relationships” can have a skewed meaning. The younger generation may immediately think of the number of friends they have on Facebook or their followers on...


Re: "Students express desire to change dress code, school system," July 25 issue

I applaud your board for listening to these young people and that they encouraged them to attend more and bring more students to be involved. It shows how truly STRONG ALL of you are. What a lucky community to have young people who are learning how...


My opinion of our educational system

I think the young ladies have valid points on the dress code concerns (“Students express desire to change dress code, school system,” 7-25-18), and I think they should carry on their concerns and recruit more of the student body to address such...


Stop the specialist merry-go-round

I have lived in this area for almost 19 years, and in that time I have seen good specialists come to this area, be here for a year or two, and leave. This leaves those who need a good orthopedic or heart doctor forced to go to Spokane or even...


Some factors to consider

I keep thinking it has to be full-moon time from the actions of people around me, but no, it wasn’t that. Then I read your article on the number of suicides — seven in a week (“Many take their own lives in last two weeks,” 7/25/18). Living...


The reasons to vote yes on the school levy

I strongly encourage a yes vote for the levy that Lake Roosevelt School District has requested. The proposed levy will allow the school district to break even, but it will also allow it to address som... Full story

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion    July 25, 2018

Patience in the heat

Summer heat seems to make us a little surly at times, but we’re better off keeping our cool. Like when you come across road maintenance work. In the heat. When you’re in a hurry. Time for a deep breath, often needed when traveling out of town,...


She appreciates Spring Canyon, and the town should too

I have been coming to the Coulee Dam area for over 30 years as an annual visitor. As time has gone by, I have grown to appreciate your quaint area’s unique and distinct setting. Summer memories are made here. Families can easily create lasting...

 By Roger Lucas    Opinion    July 25, 2018

A golf champion gets the nod of history

In the late 1950s and well into the ’60s, a number of Idaho athletes were at the edge of dominating their respective sports. Shirley Englehorn, from Caldwell, Idaho, at the west end of the Boise Valley, was one of them. She won 11 times on the...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    July 25, 2018

The tale of a cat and a motorcycle

Let’s start with the cat. We have a very cuddly and cute kitty named Camaro. She has the sweetest temperament and has stayed pretty small for her age. We adopted her many years ago into our family a...

 By Scott Hunter    Opinion    July 18, 2018

Voters should keep supporting schools

Voters should keep local schools at the same level of tax support voters have been used to for some time. Local school patrons, staff and others have made clear their concerns about local schools. But concerns about discipline issues at the... Full story

 By Rich Black    Opinion    July 18, 2018

School levy would not increase taxes, but would fund improvements

As a community we are approaching an important election, the outcome of which will clearly affect the quality of education received by our school-aged children. This election will require a decision by voters on whether our community will continue...

 By Joe Tynan    Opinion    July 18, 2018

Here's what the levy would do

Next month, local voters will have the opportunity to approve the Capital Project Levy for the Grand Coulee Dam School District. This is only a supplemental levy that will address facility and safety needs of the district, as well as offset lost...

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    July 18, 2018

Huckleberry hounds

This last weekend was our annual family campout and this year we welcomed Cairo on his first visit to the “plantation,” our huckleberry heaven. The crop was in good standing this year; an...

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    July 18, 2018

GE's tumble from grace

Last month, General Electric lost its place among our nation’s top 30 performing corporations. It was the last member of the original companies which composed the Dow Jones Industrial Average....


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