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 By Lou Stone    Opinion    July 6, 2016

CBC failure part of deep deception

“As The Stomach Turns” is possibly how many of us Tribal Members felt, who read the Bill Of Impeachment content against former Colville Tribal Court Chief Judge Scot Stuart in November 2015. While we read it with interest, many of us rolled our...

 By Lou Stone    Opinion    May 18, 2016

When tribal leadership incompetence becomes racketeering

It’s one thing to be ignorant of one’s own stupidity and incompetence, but TR 2016-217 rubs it in the face of the Colville Tribal Peoples, a cruel insult to the members of the CCT who are ashamed, especially, of the criminal racketeering by...

 By Lou Stone    Opinion    February 11, 2015

Council censorship justified by two lies

Yes, at the March 6, 2013 Colville Tribal Council Management and Budget Committee Meeting, where Committee Chair Billy Nicholson held court and Mike Finley, Council Chair, sat next to, and huddled with, Billy, censorship was far beyond them saying...

 By Lou Stone    Opinion    February 4, 2015

Tribal council imposing censorship at Tribal Tribune

There is a lot of TV and print and talk shows about terrorism here and terrorism there. It is a serious matter, terrorism is. What makes it worrisome is that it is not well defined and it seems some government officials want it that way. Some of you...

 By Lou Stone    Opinion    November 6, 2013

Where has the tribal conscience gone?

Much has been written to (the Tribal Tribune) in editorials about theft, embezzlements, unfair hiring and cronyism. We can write about it until we turn purple as evidently some majorities of Colville Tribal Members don’t seem to concern...