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 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    July 19, 2017

This old truck

Most of us have one. An old, rusted, two-door rig that moves slowly and rattles a lot, and packs our debris from here to there. Camping trips, dump runs and the occasional adventure are the only times they get out on the road, but we won’t get rid... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    July 12, 2017

The well of love

One of the hardest things to do as a servant of Christ is to find the good in everyone. Some people are just plain rude or have really done something diabolical in the past that has hurt us deeply. But God has been telling me something lately... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    June 28, 2017

Generations of service

I recently took part in some training, and they compared the four generations that are currently in the workforce: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, all working together and the struggles with communication that occur... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    June 21, 2017

Artists unite

I do not consider myself an artist. Yes, I am a writer and an amateur photographer and even have grander ideas about drawing and painting. But I do not consider myself an artist. So when I found mysel... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    June 14, 2017

The four will be missed

After this year, four matriarchs in the school district will be cuddling grandkids, snow birding, and beach combing. All four have left their marks on the youth of the area, and as the youth turn into adults they will take the lessons learned from... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    June 7, 2017

Tripping with seniors 2017

I was honored to be asked to go on the senior trip this year. This class is jammed full of special personalities, funny characters and future stars looking to make their mark in the world and on each other. So here is a recap of our trip to Seattle.... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 31, 2017

Peacocks gone with the wind

Thirty-plus years just does not feel like enough time. The Peacocks are about to pull up roots and travel the nation on a permanent road trip. We have gotten used to the snow bird effect, but this tim... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 24, 2017

Let's get unplugged for a moment

Recently, two girls at Lake Roosevelt High School sat in the cafeteria during lunch. They had been having a really good discussion as they munched on their chow of choice when one of them looked up at the other eaters in the room. They were amazed... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 17, 2017

Miracles happen daily

In a world where turmoil, drama and entertainment seem to grab the front page, top stories and flood our cyber space, I was reminded over the weekend that miracles still surround us. A blooming flower, an egg hatching, planets in orbit and other... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 10, 2017

The experience of Colorama

I have vivid memories of our local festival. The week-long wait as a child drove all the kids crazy. Watching day by day as carnival rides showed up and slowly erected themselves into something magical and astounding. Seeing trucks pulling horse... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    May 3, 2017

Senior Profile: Angelo Clark

Every once in a while a student comes along that you wish would never leave. That’s how I feel about “Iron” Angelo Clark. Over the past few years, I have watched this young man go from the average place for students, just getting by, and... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    April 26, 2017

A few things on my mind this week

First off, a lady very instrumental to my faith passed away last week. Pat Piccolo, whom I consider one of the kindest ladies I have ever had the privilege of being around, was not only instrumental in a lot of people’s lives, but was there when I... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    April 19, 2017

Easter Beauty

Last weekend was Easter, and while some were searching for some bunny to get chocolate and eggs from, I was searching for the “Beauty of Christ.” I had been given an assignment and was to speak at church on Sunday morning. Three of us had... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    April 12, 2017

What a memorable week!

I had the honor and privilege of attending two events this week that moved me in such a way that I will always remember. I attended the Northwest Indian Youth Conference as a chaperone and our son’s wedding, as, well, me. Both were very special.... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    April 5, 2017

The youth of a nation

Every once in a while someone surprises me — with their actions, words or change in character. This is especially encouraging when it is a young person. Sometimes we don’t give them the credit that is due to them. We lump them into a generation t... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    March 29, 2017

The hard row to hoe

The phrase “Life is just not fair” has been said by many of us many times over our lives or we have heard others say it. Even in my own life I have felt slighted or treated unfairly or even wronged by others or circumstances and just thought the... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    March 22, 2017

A Man's Soap Opera

Back when I was younger, (yes, that long ago), I found something on television that would change my Saturday-morning cartoon watching forever. If I got up early enough I could watch the Lone Ranger (in black and white) and Sergeant Preston before... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    March 15, 2017

Is it finally here?

Although spring does not officially start until March 20, I feel something in the air. Along with feeling the brisk morning air, I am smelling the morning wetness, seeing the sprouting buds, hearing the early-morning song birds and feeling the... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    March 8, 2017

Senior Profile: Olivia Arnold

I sat down with the young lady I call “Live” and learned a bit more about what makes her tick. I have known the Arnold family for a long time and have watched this senior at Lake Roosevelt bloom into an amazing adult, but I heard more than I... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    March 1, 2017

Communication - the key to everything

Ask any married couple who has a successful marriage and the word “communication” will come up as a key to a healthy, long partnership. Also, any successful business will use the word communication as a key to a thriving venture. In the last... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    February 22, 2017

Winter woes will yield to spring

“It was a dark and stormy night.” This is considered one the worst beginnings of a suspenseful novel. But we have been living it. Cold weather, lots of snow and now the melt-off. Add very little sunshine and the winter blues hit you where it... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    February 15, 2017

Senior Profile: Will Friedlander

I recently sat down with a young man I have known for a long time. Will “The Thrill” Friedlander is a man of few words, as many of you know, but I was able to extract a few things from the current senior at Lake Roosevelt High School. I asked... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    February 8, 2017

The week of "supers"

The Super Bowl was Sunday, and if you missed it you missed a little bit of NFL history. Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick solidified their spots in the annals of Best QB and Best Coach of all time.... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    February 1, 2017

Continue helping the youth

Our youth can sometimes get a bad rap. A small group of rebellious teens can sometimes make an impression on an individual that defines an entire generation in that person’s eyes. The words disconnected, lazy, distracted and entitled are some of... Full story

 By Jesse Utz    Opinion    January 25, 2017

My fellow Americans

What a confusing weekend in America. The greatest democracy in the world held its most historical and patriotic event Friday, and those who did not agree with the outcome of the process (a process that I have not agreed with at times, I might add)... Full story


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