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 By Don Brunell    Opinion    July 18, 2018 

GE's tumble from grace

Last month, General Electric lost its place among our nation’s top 30 performing corporations. It was the last member of the original companies which composed the Dow Jones Industrial Average....

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    July 3, 2018

Jetsons cartoon robots now reality

The Jetsons television series about a space-age family featuring “Rosey the Robot” gave us a preview of life with robots, kiosks and interactive television. In 1962, it was a fictitious cartoon; h...

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    June 6, 2018

Straw pulp looks like win-win

Here’s a switch! Rather than closing another pulp and paper mill, a new one is under construction right here in Washington. Columbia Pulp’s plant on the Snake River will use a new technology that...

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    July 20, 2016

Bumper car therapy

Over the last 35 years our family has vacationed at the same place on the beach. While the buildings have been refurbished, the complex remains largely unchanged. However, our entertainment has changed a lot. We still swim, jump the waves and build... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    July 6, 2016

Made in America

In the presidential campaign leading up to the November elections, hopefully we will hear about ways to “Make America Great Again!” One of the most effective strategies is to entice U.S. companies with foreign factories to relocate back home.... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    June 1, 2016

Stay-at-home millennials

Today, more millennials are moving back home, even though the economy is improving and wages are inching upward. Recently, Pew Research Center revealed that a third of young adults today are more likely to live with their parents than they were... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    May 25, 2016

Tips for safe Memorial Day trip

The good news this Memorial Day weekend is more than 38 million Americans are expected to travel, making the unofficial kickoff to summer this year the second busiest on record. AAA reports nearly 34 million people across the nation will be driving,... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    April 27, 2016

Kirk Adams taking his skills to the Big Apple

Kirk Adams has earned the reputation as a visionary leader who gets things done for people with disabilities. Those qualities, coupled with hard work and determination, rewarded him with the... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    April 20, 2016

President Obama's proliferation of new regulations

Even though President Barack Obama has less than a year remaining in office, his administration is cranking out new government regulations at a record pace. The rush reflects the President’s plan to use his final months to cement his... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    April 6, 2016

Cost of Boeing airplanes at heart of job cuts

Boeing’s new cost-reduction plan has deep ramifications for Washington because the bulk of the 4,500 job cuts are likely to land here. CEO Dennis Muilenburg asked investors to view the savings... Full story


Boeing has quite a lot riding on 737 MAX

When Boeing rolled out its first 737 MAX last month, there was little fanfare. Nevertheless, its importance to the company’s future and our state can’t be overstated. The good news is Boeing delivered more airplanes last year than Airbus, and it... Full story


Wreaths for every American in uniform

On Dec. 12, Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke patiently waited two hours in line with 70,000 volunteers at Arlington National Cemetery to collect wreaths and secure them to headstones. Thousands of others across our nation joined those at Arlington... Full story


Apply Navy's nuclear technology to civilian use

Today, many elected officials are fixated on tearing down coal-fired power plants and replacing them with solar and wind farms. But that isn’t practical, because when there is no wind or sunlight, those plants produce no electricity. There is an... Full story


Changes to Obamacare are coming

Maybe there is finally something Democrats and Republicans can agree on — fixing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare. From the day it was signed into law in 2010, Republicans have tried unsuccessfully to repeal Obamacare,... Full story


Tesla and the mining business

Tesla is the premium entry in the electric car market, with a starting price of $75,000. According to the Wall Street Journal, the high-end “Signature” model costs $132,000, slightly more than the base price for Porsche’s AG’s 911 GT3. Even... Full story


Promoting spud popularity in China

In China, the government has launched an “eat more potatoes” campaign – and Washington state could benefit as a result. China’s potato push is, in part, an environmental effort to provide more clean drinking water for its exploding urban... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    August 19, 2015

Bob Morton represented his people unconditionally

Imagine rolling into Olympia in your travel trailer each year for the start of the legislative session knowing your district has the highest unemployment in the state and the lowest average annual wage. Folks in your sprawling rural 7th District... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    July 1, 2015

Time to revive the Black Rock Reservoir plan

Yakima Valley farmers have the same problem as their California counterparts: there just isn’t enough water for crops, migrating fish and people. In California this year, an estimated 564,000 acres of prime cropland will be left unplanted because o... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    May 13, 2015

Connecting the Dots . . .

How is Seattle’s Lighthouse for the Blind connected to the Export-Import Bank? Very closely. Since 1918, The Lighthouse for the Blind has provided education, training and manufacturing jobs for... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    April 8, 2015

New rail safety regulations welcome

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple has announced new rules that reduce the vapor pressure in oil tanker cars leaving his state’s booming oil patch. The goal is to reduce the risk of fiery explosions like the one that killed 47 people in... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    March 11, 2015

Can Washington avert California's water wars?

California is in the midst of a fierce water war, a conflict that holds lessons for us in Washington state. In many ways, we are alike. Both of our states’ populations are growing and we have some of the world’s most prolific agriculture... Full story

 By Don Brunell    Opinion    January 7, 2015

Making college affordable Is vital to America

When my parents graduated from high school in 1936, a college education was too expensive for the son of a copper miner and the daughter of a plumber. Eighty years ago, our country was in the middle o... Full story


Counting our blessings

It’s that time of year when we count our blessings. In America, they are abundant, especially this year. For starters, the unemployment rate is down from 7 percent last December to 5.8 percent. Washington state mirrors the national average. Housing... Full story


Moses Lake helps put BMW World center stage in MunichMoses Lake helps put BMW World center stage in Munich

There is a new look to Bavarian tourism these days. In the past, tourists flocked to Munich’s city square like Seattle’s New Year’s revelers at the Space Needle. They came to see the ancient Glockenspiel, a giant cuckoo clock on the city hall t... Full story


Connecting the dots to lower gas prices

It’s often difficult to “connect the dots,” to show people how the global marketplace affects their daily lives. But plunging gasoline prices are giving Americans a first-hand lesson in the law of supply and demand. The law of supply and... Full story


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