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 By Carol Netzel    Opinion    December 24, 2014

To the residents of the Grand Coulee Dam Area: Time for a little soul searching

I have lived here for 65 years and I have never seen such quarrelsomeness among the entire community. In the past we have had our shares of disagreements between the towns and between the people of the towns. But now we seem to have reached a state...

 By Carol Netzel    Opinion    October 1, 2014

False economy?

In discussing the possibility of attaching water meters to the irrigation system of West Coulee Dam, one fact has not been brought to the attention of the townspeople. It is a factor that should be considered very carefully before we arrive at a...

 By Carol Netzel    Opinion    April 16, 2014

To the people of the Grand Coulee Dam area, an opportunity

Recently our entire community went through a major upheaval which in one way or another involved all of us. We saw that, when aroused, the people of this area can effect change. Our local hospital is such an important factor in our lives that we were...

 By Carol Netzel    Opinion    March 12, 2014

Staff cuts apparent at hospital

Having been a recent patient at our community hospital and having been a nurse’s aide for several years I would like to present my observations of patient care. In January I was hospitalized for four days. During that time I observed nurses and...

 By Carol Netzel    Opinion    October 30, 2013

Thanks for quiet service with a smile

At the last Coulee Dam Council I asked that the city make tourists aware that hiking the Crown Point Trail could be hazardous after the fire, the windstorm and the torrential rain. They agreed to put up a sign and one was there the next day. They...

 By Carol Netzel    Opinion    September 18, 2013

To my fellow residents of Coulee Dam:

I have lived here since before we had a city government, under the rule of USBR. When we formed our first government we were very lucky to have a group of people whose sole goal was the good of the town. Through the years we have continued to have...

 By Carol Netzel    Opinion    July 3, 2013

Is there a plan for old community garden area?

Last evening I took a favorite walk along North Columbia, around the Credit Union and down past the old wildlife, garden area. I was shocked to see all the fruit trees gone, the bird-friendly habitat, the flowering shrubs. Nothing left of the old...

 By Carol Netzel    Opinion    January 2, 2013

Article inspired support for deer

I want to thank you for the article and the pictures of my deer feeding project. People have been so kind, stopping me to visit in Safeway, sending me notes, asking about them when they meet me out and about. Many gave me contributions toward...