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Re: "Dog declared dangerous" (11/18)

Seriously?! So this dog had ONE incident involving a FERAL CAT and it is possibly going to be labeled “dangerous?” SERIOUSLY?! When did dogs EVER start liking cats they didn’t already live with? I have two cats and two dogs. They get along... Full story

 By April Smith    Opinion    June 11, 2014

Re: "Large crowd shows up for ambulance issue"

I wanted to just say a couple things about the article in today’s paper regarding this subject. First, I was at that meeting also. It states in the article that it all started over an inspection by state DOH at the request of Mayor Wilder. I have t... Full story


Before you complain to the police about our dogs …

I first want to say that we are sorry for any disturbances our dogs have caused with their barking. In all honesty they are good dogs and don’t bark unless there is a reason. After reading today’s (10/30/13) edition of Coulee Cops I now know... Full story


Gas prices still highest in the area

Last night, while I was reading my “news feed” on Facebook, I saw that one of my friends had posted that they drove to Wilbur and bought their gas there. They said that it was 27 cents cheaper than here in the Coulee. I wrote a letter a while bac... Full story

 By April Smith    Opinion    May 16, 2012

Wondering why gas is so high

I am just wondering why the gas prices are SO high in our area? Every morning I wake up and watch the news a little before getting ready for work. The national news said today (5-11-12) that gas prices are 22 cents less per gallon now than they were... Full story

 By April Smith    Opinion    March 14, 2012

School board comment was unfair, hurtful

I want to write a response to the comment by an unnamed school board member in the article about ACH track and tennis coming to our school for practices. In the bottom of that article, it was mentioned that there was concern about not having enough... Full story